Our Mentors

Our mentors are experts with international experience who hold leading positions. We work with selected companies from the hospitality industry, who are very interested in supporting the youth in their future career development and in increasing the enthusiasm for their profession. We are very grateful for the commitment and time of our mentors and are pleased that they also find the mentoring program a very valuable and exciting experience.

Benefits for our Mentors

  • Exchange of different points of view, change of perspective
  • Gain insight into professional challenges of mentees
  • Motivation for own professional development steps
  • Mentors continue their education: expand their interviewing and counseling skills
  • Reflection on their own development
  • Making new contacts at networking meetings within the framework of the program
  • The desire "to give something back" comes true
  • Lively connection or relationship with the participating schools
  • Access to young talents

Role and Tasks of our Mentors

The role of mentors

Mentors act as role models, role models and advisors in the mentoring relationship. They are committed companions who listen, answer questions, provide feedback, motivate, give practical tips, point out opportunities, self-critically disclose their own mistakes and successes, and share professional networks.

The tasks of mentors

Being a mentor primarily means that they offer their time and experience to help another person master a situation that they have already successfully overcome. In other words, they act as advisors, coaches, companions, critics, role models, and support less experienced young people (= mentees) in their professional and personal development.

You give the mentees the opportunity to reflect on their concerns and plans in the light of your own experience and thus help them to plan the next steps in their development. The main task of mentors is to strengthen mentees and to open up space for reflection in joint discussions.

Tasks summarized in keywords:

  • Imparting knowledge, passing on tips for achieving professional goals
  • Passing on "unwritten" laws in the company
  • To report on their own experiences in the world of work
  • Paying attention to realistic realization of mentees' goals
  • Openly expressing opinions
  • Create opportunities for regular, appreciative feedback
  • Showing your mentee respect and goodwill