Application procedure

The tourism and hotel management students will be made aware of the mentor program through marketing measures and by the school management (information letters, posters and videos) and they can apply as a mentee until 17th November, 2023.

We want the application to be dynamic and creative, so there are two requirements or criteria that play a crucial role: Your motivation letter and your application video.

Letter of Motivation

The letter of motivation must be written in German or English, on a maximum of 1 (DIN A4) page. In the letter of motivation, candidates describe their expectations of the mentoring program and formulate clear, concrete goals that they want to achieve in the course of the year with regard to their career entry or further career development. They outline how a mentor can help them achieve them. The more specific the goals, the better. The program works best with mentees who are highly self-motivated. They should describe in this letter why this is the case for them. In addition, the motivation letter offers them the opportunity to briefly present their personality and explain which characteristics of this they want to work on in the mentoring relationship. It should be emphasized at this point that this is not a letter of application in which the candidate positively highlights their knowledge and advantages, but rather an explanation of their personal motivation to participate in the mentoring program.

Application Video

The purpose of the application video is to get a first impression of the applicant. It should not exceed a length of 2 minutes 30 seconds, and confirm or strengthen the impression conveyed in the letter of motivation, so that the application is memorable. Here, applicants have the opportunity to showcase their own charisma and creativity and make a positive impression.

TIP! Watch an example of an application Video (in German) on our German language site.

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If you have any questions or need additional information, you can reach our office via mail: or by phone: +43 664 369 3072.

We look forward to your application!


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